Friday, March 18, 2011

Just got back from New Jersey where I was able to put another full days work in by myself this time.  I got all the background blocked and and begand building up some of Atlantic City and Jersey Devil.   Although working on a 30 foot painting by yourself can be intimidating, with the help of some music, I was excited I had the chance to get so much done in such a short amount of time.  I can't wait to return and begin getting more work done on this project.

ORLANDO is right around the corner.

I will be arriving in Tampa on Thursday March 24th and working the SteadFast Brand booth, during which time I will be laying out the panels for the upcoming S2T project.  

The STORY TO TELL (Florida Chapter) will begin Sunday March 27th at noon and ending Monday March 28th @ 11pm at the Steadfast Brand Store   located at 1036 North Mills Ave in Orlando Florida .  This 4' by nearly 30' painting will be initially designed by me, Gunnar and will tell of the folklore, the places, the fauna and the people that make up Florida.  After the drawing is completed, artists from all over Florida will converge on this event to help bring this vision to life.  Attendees are welcome to come out and watch this live painting event, while enjoying bbq, music and purchasing merchandise (which was created to help fund this project)

ATTENDING ARTISTS:  Please be advised that you must provide your own art supplies.  Because everyone's tools and mediums of choice differ greatly it is impossible at this point to provide all adequate supplies.

Artists are welcome to show up at 11:30 and the event will begin at noon.  And the event will end when the artist decide to call it quits.

A sign up roster sheet will be on site, this sheet must be signed to be credited for contributing in this project.  Because room is limited only 25 artists will be able to work at any given time, leaving room for rotations.  If the number of attending artists exceed the limited space, time slots will be given to certaing artists that were not directly contacted by me.

ACRYLICS and OILS are the only acceptable mediums.  Please remember that Oils can go over acrylics, BUT ACRYLICS CAN NEVER BE APPLIED OVER OILS.

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT:  This project is fully funded by myself with the help of Steadfast Brand Clothing and a few sponsors (to be announced.  Sponsorship Packages are available,  if you are interested in becoming a sponsor contact CHRIS COLLINS and help show your support.  If that is not for you, then pick up some merchandise at the event.  All proceeds are used to fund continuing the STORY TO TELL project. 

I hope to see ya there.  Tell your friends and thanks for your support.

Shirts and Posters for Orlando S2T

I recently layed out a drawing for the Florida chapter of the Story To Tell Project.  This design will be used for merchandise commemorating the Florida Event in March.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Heading back to NEW JERSEY

I am heading back to New Jersey this weekend for round 2 on the S2T Jersey Chapter.    These are large ever growing and changing paintings and I am really excited about having a chance to paint on it again with some friends and colleagues.


With the help of some friends over at  Steadfast Brand in Orland Florida.  I have been fortunate enough to bring the S2T project to a new state.  This event is gearing up to be a bigger more organized version of the original Jersey version.  On March 28th and 29th Steadfast Brand will host S2T:  The Florida Chapter at their store in Orlando Florida.  Some of Florida's top Tattoo artist's as well as artist from other mediums will come together to help fulfill my illustrated vision of the folklore, people and places that have come to define the great state of Florida.  A full line up of confirmed artist will be coming soon. Steadfast and I have also collaborated to create merchandise commemorating this event which will be available for sale there as well as Steadfast Brands online store .  All proceeds are used to help fund this traveling art project, without which this project would not have the ability to continue growing.

I hope to see you there.